Different ways Javascript has been used on this Fornite website

Mathematical Calculations

On the Home page of my website I added a list of Check boxes for items that could be purchased using the currency created by Epic Games called Vbucks. The user can check or uncheck each of these boxes and hit the submit button and it will calculate the total cost of what you have selected.
This can be seen by clicking here ----- Home

If or Switch statement

The use of if statements can be seen on the heals page of the website. This is where the user can click through different potion options and the shield bar will increase based on the user's choice.
This can be seen by clicking here ----- Heals

Exception handling

You will also find the use of exception handling on the heals page of the website. In the lower portion of the page there is a calculator that allows a user to enter in the amount of health for 2 players and if will total their health together setting the teams total health. What isn't shown on the face of this program is the error handling but if you enter in Letters instead of numbers the total button will not work and an error message will populate telling the user to enter in the number of the players health pool.
This can be seen by clicking here ----- Heals

Image Gallery

On the Image gallery page of the website you can find a scrolling list of images. The user can scroll through (3-5) preloaded images. It is set to 3 images at default but the user has the option of clicking the [show more image] text which will increase the number of images to 5 (this can be adjusted to any number of images desired). You will also notice if you load the page and do nothing after a short period of time the images will begin cycling through themselves automatically. This timer can be adjusted to any amount of time you choose as well.
This can be seen by clicking here ----- Image Gallery

Form Validation

This site also makes use of form validation on the merchandise page of the website. The user can use the merchandise page to set and order for any merchandise your company may offer. The form validation is set in place to help the user know when they've have not entered in a necessary piece of information or when they have entered it in an incorrect format.
This can be seen by clicking here ----- Merchandise

Calender and use of Calculation of time elapsed

If you go to the Tournament Entry page of the website you will see how we can use a calendar program in order for users to enter into a future in game tournament. The user can enter each players name and it will show under player names after clicking the add button. The user can then click the pick a date text box and a calendar will appear. This calender is set for future events so you will notice it has been coded to not allow the user to select a date prior to the current day. Once the user has selected the date the site will also calculate the time left until the event on a clock that will continuously countdown until the time has arrived.
This can be seen by clicking here ----- Tournament Entry

Creating Accounts User Name and Password

On the create account page of the website you will find code used to create an account with the website. This page allows the user to create a unique user name and password. This page also confirms the password using two text boxes for matching. The web page will create a profile box that will repeat the entered information back to the user(not including the password). There is a list of computer specs checkboxes towards the bottom of the account page. In this case for the user to enter in the specs of their PC. This could be used to make sure that users PC can even handle playing the game before they install the game or program. These items will also populate in the Profile box along with their account information.
This can be seen by clicking here ----- Create Account

Use of jQuery

At the bottom of every page on the website there is a line of text that reads Go To Top. This line of text is coded using jQuery to allow the user to click on the text itself and this will return to user to the top of the current page they are on without having to scroll up.
This can be seen by clicking here by clicking any of the webpages at the very bottom or on the bottom of this page as well.

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