Types of Healing


Fortnite has a 4 different types of shields each healing for a a different amount and having a different cast time with a max shield amount of 100

  1. Mini Shields - Which heal for 25 each (up to a max of 50) with a 2 second cast time
  2. Large Shields - Which heal for 50 each with a 5 second cast time
  3. Slurp Juice - Which heal for 25 shield and 25 Health over 10 seconds with a 2 second cast time
  4. Chug Jub - Which heals for full health and shields with a 15 second cast time



There are two types of Medkits. A full Medkit which heals for 100 health over 10 seconds and a bandage which heals for 15 health (up to 75 max) over 3 seconds

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